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Established 2001

Happy Anniversary!

Today, we’re celebrating 22 years … Encompass was founded by a passion for combining our broadcast background with a live event production clientele. Over the

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Core Value #2: FLEXIBLE

We promise to provide FLEXIBLE solutions for staffing, technical, and budgetary challenges. Process is monumentally important to Encompass so why would flexibility be a core

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Core Value #3: ORGANIZED

We promise to be ORGANIZED and follow our proven and transparent process for successful events. The technical stuff is tangible but what we really specialize

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Core Value #4: CONSIDERATE

We promise to be CONSIDERATE of others’ feelings, opinions, and individual well-being. Being considerate involves acknowledging and respecting the emotions, perspectives, and welfare of others.

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Core Value #5: EXPERT

We promise to be your go-to EXPERT for all things technical now and in the future. We stay current with emerging trends and new technologies

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