Core Value #2: FLEXIBLE

We promise to provide FLEXIBLE solutions for staffing, technical, and budgetary challenges.

Process is monumentally important to Encompass so why would flexibility be a core value? Aren’t those the opposite of each other?

There’s a difference between flexibility and reckless compromise. We’re not suggesting anyone ignore best practices when it comes to talent, equipment, or budget.

Instead, identify the non-negotiable outcomes and craft a solution that checks those boxes first.

Sure, there are a few hoops to jump through when things change but our process identifies what needs to happen and who’s responsible for seeing it through.

It’s actually easier to be flexible in some ways when everything else is fairly rigid.

At Encompass, we have unique backgrounds that situate us perfectly to produce high-end and complex offerings. We’ve worked in broadcast television, touring entertainment, live sporting events, and countless convention facilities across the country.

We have technical design experience and a disciplined process in place that allows us to easily scale events and shift from in-person to virtual without angst. There isn’t much beyond our scope and we love the intensity of putting on events!

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