In Some Cases,Size Doesn't matter.


Having a ton of equipment and the deepest talent pool around is important but being able to scale those resources is even more so.

Not every event has a six-figure budget … heck, some don’t have four figures. Clients shouldn’t be forced to partner with a less capable vendor just because their event is “too small”. Our team works diligently to ensure we’re able to meet the needs of large, mid-sized, and small events.

“I feel like we’ve only scratched the surface of what Encompass can do and I can’t wait to see how much further we can go together on upcoming projects.”

We appreciate all of the opportunities we’re given and look forward to every Discovery Call … large or small.

We've done it all

Have a Unique Production Idea?

Don’t see what you’re looking for in the list above? Chances are we’ve done something similar and can come up with a unique, best-in-class solution.

Large Events

Mid-Sized Events

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