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Live-Online Television, Inc. was founded in December of 2001 as an independent off-shoot of an established event production organization. The new company’s goal was to merge the owner’s broadcast background with existing AV clientele creating a new standard which consistently exceeded client expectations.

The company grew successfully at a modest pace for several years. Weeks prior to the recession in 2008, Live-Online purchased $1M of high definition equipment to become one of the first “lens to lens” providers in the country. Difficult banking situations allowed the company to develop best-practices without influence from competitors.

Live-Online continued to invest in new technology as market opportunities emerged. Additional high definition equipment and LED video displays expanded offerings beyond AV to include live sports and large-scale entertainment. Season-long broadcast contracts and frequent touring events allowed the company to quickly develop a broader market and deeper knowledge base.

In 2018, Live-Online Television rebranded as Encompass Event Group to better reflect the company’s capabilities. The same year, Encompass purchased the audio/lighting/rigging assets of ACA Productions, doubled full-time staffing levels, and introduced the Encompass Training Center with formal curriculums in all disciplines.

Future plans include expanding creative services, aggressive growth of inventory/staff, and a 3x larger facility (with dedicated pre-rigging space) … all in support of our commitment to customer experiences.

From theOwners

Dave Jensen

My production career began in 1990 as a part-time Engineering Assistant with Advantage Service Group. My responsibilities included design/build of online edit suites, head-end broadcast facilities, and non-linear editing installations.

Mark Payne

My career was launched in high school. A church utilized the school’s event space and, as an active member of the drama department, I became involved in the technical aspect of their services and events.

TheEncompass Team

What Makes this team great?

Everyone we employ understands Encompass’s role … We’re a technical production partner that integrates seamlessly with our clients to plan, deploy, and execute events that consistently exceed expectations.
Executive Team

Dave Jensen


Mark Payne


Eric Satre

General Manager
Project Coordination & Production

Matt Manternach

Project Coordinator
Cody Gocio Headshot

Cody Gocio

Project Coordinator

Chris Bryant

Field Engineer
Warehouse Technicians

Carl Olson

Warehouse Manager

Kevin Spavento

Warehouse Technician

Trey Wingo

Warehouse Technician
Nick Courkamp headshot

Nick CourKamp

Warehouse Technician
Accounting & Administration

Tom Goodman

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