The Hidden Power of Alignment

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Great communication is terrific but absolute alignment goes a lot deeper.

Have you ever met someone and felt an instant connection? It’s wonderful!

You both love ice cream sandwiches for lunch, collect travel points, and think yoga pants belong in yoga studios. You’re also from the same midwestern town but your paths didn’t cross until adulthood.

Meeting at this point in your journey must be fate!

That sounds great but what happens when there’s a spark but not a flame? You recognize the potential kinship but know it’ll take time and effort to determine long-term viability.

Is it worthwhile to invest your attention?

How will you know when enough is enough?

Do they feel the same way?

Like any other relationship, there are steps you can take to identify and deepen alignment between individuals and … by scaling the same principles … between organizations.

Instant Alignment … Great!

Recognize and reward the bond you’ve created

Tell your counterpart you appreciate them and how quickly you’ve come together. It doesn’t have to be scripted to portray When Harry Met Sally … just a brief acknowledgment and move on.

Focus on what works

If they appreciate daily communication, communicate daily. If they speak casually, their tone should be reciprocated. Mirroring their behavior and cadence builds upon the report you’ve already established.

Of course, this should happen naturally and not feel awkward.

Help build each other’s networks and refer opportunities

The finest form of flattery isn’t imitation … it’s referrals! Introducing your counterpart to others within your network or referring them to other industry partners screams, “I trust this person with my reputation”.

It’s ok to ask for networking opportunities too.

Pro Tip: Model this relationship to develop more like it.

Close … But Not Quite There

Define roles and responsibilities

Like a waiter bringing the bill before you’ve discussed who’s paying, lacking clarity leads to misunderstandings and uncomfortable conversations.

Simply communicating, “This is what we take care of and this is what you’ll need to handle yourself” usually eliminates confusion and provides a greater sense of alignment.

Over-deliver (without over-stepping)

Be an expert in everything you do and the process you follow. This allows your counterpart to mirror your actions and rise to the occasion.

Pro Tip: Mutual accountability often begins with one party and inspiring the other.

Befriend each other on social media

There are things we’re comfortable sharing online but not during a Zoom call. Genuinely engaging someone via their social channels provides a window into what makes them tick.

Pro Tip: If you haven’t tried it, you’ll be surprised how different people are outside the conference room!

Try incorporating different people and personalities

Sometimes two people are too different to find common ground (that was an impressive use of two/too/to) but that doesn’t mean their organizations aren’t a great pairing.

If you’re struggling to align, ask a coworker to join your next meeting as an observer. They’ll either confirm the incompatibility, offer advice to develop better alignment, or step in for you.

Find what works and compound it

Once you identify what’s working focus relentlessly on it. You can use the same approach in other areas to further deepen your alignment.


Love at first sight is terrific but it isn’t necessary. Developing relationships takes time and attention.

Communication is great but absolute alignment is a game changer!

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