5 Reasons Sales Organizations Should Plan a Q1 In-Person Event

How live events can help you communicate with your team, engage your sales force, and boost sales as you enter the new year.

While live events are popular and effective tools for communicating among employees of all job functions, sales organizations have long made use of in-person gatherings. And for good reason – in-person events enable sales teams to connect with their leader(s), connect with each other, engage with customers, and go into a new year highly motivated.

In fact, most organizations that produce sales meetings will tell you that the sales force looks forward to coming together at annual meetings, and it’s easy to see why. Most salespeople are social – they enjoy meeting new people, deepening existing relationships, and having an opportunity to connect and communicate on a larger scale than they typically do.

Here are five reasons why all sales organizations should plan an in-person event in Q1 …

1. Access to corporate leadership

Perhaps the most important (and often overlooked!) component of a sales meeting is the access the sales team gets to corporate leadership – and vice versa.

The sales team rarely gets to hear from or talk directly with their corporate leadership team. Sales meetings allow a direct line of communication, giving salespeople access to a greater understanding of corporate structures and culture, while signaling how invested the corporate leadership team is in their success.

Inversely, corporate leadership rarely gets to communicate directly with their sales force. These meetings lead to a greater understanding of who the sales force is, how they feel about new initiatives, and what they’re looking for, from both their leadership and from their careers. This information may help to inform decisions being made throughout the year.

2. Alignment

This applies to everyone – not just sales employees. Ensuring that there is organization wide alignment on messaging, culture, and important updates keeps everyone on the same page, reduces confusion, and creates a united front both internally and externally. For most customers, the sales team is the face of the organization – they are the people customers most frequently meet with, communicate with, and buy from, making sales alignment even more important.

3. Team building

In most industries, sales is a team sport. Regardless of whether or not sales team members meet with customers together or solo, sales teams are able to provide useful feedback, tips, and training to each other. A sales meeting is the perfect opportunity for sales teams to connect on broader levels, allowing everyone to grow.

4. Training

Salespeople often learn best from hands on communications, rather than watching lectures on their computers. Educating salespeople face to face in small group sessions will result in a more engaged sales force and the best performance and implementation down the line.

5. Process development and/or restructuring

Organizations are constantly adapting and evolving – between changes in the healthcare landscape, quickly accelerating technological advancements, and rapid globalization, organizational structures at all levels need to adapt and change too.

When this results in changes to process development or organizational restructuring, the best way to communicate the changes, why they are taking place, and what it will mean for the team, is in-person, where audiences are able to react, ask questions, and fully understand the information being communicated to them.

As you begin the new year, take this important opportunity to communicate and connect with your sales force – the appreciation, alignment, and inspiration they’ll feel will help start the year on the right foot.

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