Leveraging Tour Experience Planning Back-to-Back Events


Using your event schedule to your advantage

Planning an event can be stressful – and planning multiple events, especially ones that are back to back, can be extremely challenging. Not to mention time-consuming and expensive.

However, if you are producing back-to-back events, you’re in luck! High-profile touring events, such as concerts, ice shows, theatrical performances, and large-scale corporate events have developed systems and processes through years of experience. Their expertise has enabled them to produce shows in multiple cities over weeks, months, or even years, with relative ease – and your events can use the very same principles.

Read on to learn more about how you can leverage touring event experience with these tips from the pros!


If your event requires experienced technicians or specialists, try to use the same crew members for as many events and in as many locations as possible. 

By utilizing the same crew members, especially in specialty or leadership positions, the crew will become incredibly comfortable working with each other, allowing them to streamline processes over time without compromising the quality of the event. The crew will also develop a deeper rapport with your organization, building a partnership built on trust, and allowing everybody to communicate with ease … even in high-stress situations.

The team will also be even more familiar with the equipment being used, as well as the stage design, making the event setup and tear-down more intuitive and often faster for everybody involved.

In addition to utilizing the same event technicians in multiple locations, consider using consistent equipment. This will make the process more efficient for both the crew and your speakers, as everybody will know what to expect, regardless of the location of the event.

Of course, depending on what equipment is available in local markets, using the exact same equipment isn’t always possible – but practicing consistency wherever possible will allow you to make fewer decisions in the pre-production process while benefiting your crew and presenters.

This is made easier by using the same technical setup in each of your locations. Much like the equipment, this will make everything more intuitive for your crew and speakers alike, helping them to navigate the backstage and front-of-house areas more easily.


In order to simplify (and reduce time and budget!) in the pre-production process, use the same technical design for multiple events, only changing the color pallet or theme between locations, as needed.

This will allow you to utilize similar stage sets, equipment, lighting and sound design, and hard scenic pieces that you are able to travel with. Your organization will save time and energy in creating different looks and renderings, and save money creating and implementing multiple designs. This will also make it easier for the presenters and crew members to work with different design elements.

By utilizing the same technical design, you’ll have less to manage during pre-production and on the road, allowing you to focus on other details.

Pre-Determine Local and Regional Partners

Regardless of how much you practice consistency, there is no question that working in multiple cities means more logistics, more traveling, more local talent utilized, and more regional groups to source equipment and talent. However, there are still ways to leverage your trusted relationships, no matter where your events are located.

The event world is smaller than you’d think – and if you have trusted partners in one market, odds are, they have a sister company or trusted recommendation in another.

On the same note, don’t be afraid to ask your crew for recommendations. Most seasoned event professionals have a large network, so if you are in need of a lighting designer, LED technician, or show caller, odds are good that your audio technician will know somehow who fits the bill.

And, of course, if all of this seems daunting, consider booking logistics with a team that operates in multiple locations.

Most importantly, don’t wait until the last minute to decide what support structure will work best for you. The earlier you begin planning, the more prepared you’ll be – and the more confident you’ll feel as you approach your events.

At Encompass, we have unique backgrounds that situate us perfectly to produce high-end and complex offerings. We’ve worked in broadcast television, touring entertainment, live sporting events, and countless convention facilities across the country.

We have technical design experience and a disciplined process in place that allows us to easily scale events and shift from in-person to virtual without angst. There isn’t much beyond our scope and we love the intensity of putting on events!

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