Who’s Who on the Event Team?

Who's Who?

You’ve heard the positions and even met the crew – but what exactly is each person’s role?

Throughout pre-production, onsite, and even after an event has been completed, the event team works behind the scenes to create an exciting, engaging experience.

The audience and even some VIPs have no idea who works behind the scenes to make sure each visual is crisp, each presenter is heard, and each moment is recorded for future reference – or what went into making everything possible.

In fact, if they wandered backstage, they’d likely be shocked by the number of people it takes to produce a show – and that each has a specific job they’re responsible for.

If you’re curious about who runs the pre-production process and who carries the event onsite, keep reading!

Who’s Who on the Event Team

The Event Producer communicates the vision and expected outcomes for the event with both the client and the entire production team.

Show Caller or Stage Manager
The Show Caller or Stage Manager leads the rehearsals and directs the show crew to achieve the producer’s (and client’s!) goals.

Production Assistant
It’s in the title! The Production Assistant’s role is to assist the producer and show caller with organizational and administrative tasks during the event.

Content Manager and /or Graphics Designer
This can be an individual or a team. They’re responsible for developing and/or gathering graphics and videos for the event.

Project Manager or Technical Director
As the point of contact for the show caller and the crew, the Project Manager or Technical Director collects information that needs to be communicated with the entire crew.

Video Engineer
Charged with deploying the video system, the Video Engineer needs to have a complete understanding of video systems and how they work.

Video Director
The Video Director directs camera shots and chooses when they … and other sources … are displayed.

Camera Operator
A Camera Operator controls one camera in either a fixed or roaming position. All cameras (except possibly robo cameras) have a dedicated camera operator.

Robo Operator
Controls one or more robotic cameras from a remote position.

Graphics Operator
As opposed to the Content Manager / Graphics Designer, this Operator loads and controls all presentations. While they are not the designers of the presentations, they are usually able to make minor edits to them.

Playback Operator
Similar to the Graphics Operator, the Playback Operator loads and plays videos when given a cue from the Video Director or Show Caller.

LED Engineer
This specialized Engineer leads the setup and strike of LED displays, configures processing, and monitors the systems throughout the event.

Much like the LED Engineer leads the functions of LED pieces, the Projectionist leads the setup and strike of projectors and screens, as well as manages the alignment and convergence of projectors.

FOH Engineer or A1
The A1 mixes the microphones and other audio sources, in addition to playing audio clips on cue from the Director or Stage Manager.

Audio Assist or A2
The counterpart of the A1, the A2 is responsible for patching inputs and outputs, placing microphones on talent, and coordinating intercom deployment. While the A1 usually sits in the front-of-house position, the A2 sits backstage, closely communicating with each other.

Audio System Tech
The System Tech deploys the audio system, and so they need a complete understanding of audio systems and how they work.

Wireless Coordinator
The Wireless Coordinator maintains a list of frequencies in use both in the venue and in the surrounding area, monitoring wireless traffic to avoid any audio frequency conflicts, which could interfere with the show’s audio.

Lighting Designer or LD
Designs the lighting scheme through fixture placement. They will often move into an Operator position once the design work is complete and the show is up and running.

Lighting Board Programmer / Operator
This individual programs and operates the lighting console, based on the lighting design and cues given by the Director or Stage Manager.

Master Electrician or ME
While the Lighting Designer creates the look and feel of the lights, the Master Electrician deploys the lighting system based on the LD’s scheme.

A Stagehand is a technician that works with the department leads during the show strike.

A Carpenter is a technician dedicated to staging, soft goods, and set pieces.

Breakout Lead
Outside of the general sessions, breakout sessions need attention, too! The Breakout Lead understands the equipment and deployment of multiple smaller rooms.

Breakout Tech
A Breakout Tech deploys and operates the equipment in the smaller breakout rooms.

Who’s who at Encompass

While Encompass uses the same positions listed above, we have a few specific pre-event positions that we believe are essential to a successful event.

Solutions Coordinator
The Solutions Coordinator’s job is to listen to the needs and wants of each event and develop a comprehensive solution within the budget. They work closely with clients from the Discovery Call through confirmation but remain engaged throughout the production process too.

Production Coordinator
These folks work in conjunction with the Solutions Coordinator to ensure technical accuracy, proper staffing, and logistical timing. Upon confirmation, they become the client’s primary point of contact.

Resource Coordinator
Producing events takes a lot of equipment, on-demand labor, and travel. The Resource Coordinator work behind the scenes to arrange the cross-rentals, coordinate on-demand labor, and ensure all travel is confirmed and correct.

Operations Team
Storing, maintaining, and delivering equipment is one of the biggest challenges technical production companies face. There’s a team of Warehouse Techs, QC Specialists, CDL Drivers, and support personnel making sure everything is working perfectly and shows up on time (ok, a little early).

If this seems like an extensive list – that’s because it is! Not every event requires each of the listed positions but this is a glimpse of who’s who throughout the production process.

At Encompass, we have unique backgrounds that situate us perfectly to produce high end and complex offerings. We’ve worked in broadcast television, touring entertainment, live sporting events, and countless convention facilities across the country.

We have technical design experience and a disciplined process in place that allows us to easily scale events and shift from in-person to virtual without angst. There isn’t much that’s beyond our scope and we love the intensity of putting on events!

If you’re a planner working to create an event, seeking help with virtual event technology, or simply want to learn more … we can help! Sign up below to receive our updates (we promise to keep your contact information secure and won’t “overshare”).

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