Video / Projection / LED


Barco Event Master E2 S3 EX Christie Spyder


Panasonic Samsung Blackmagic Monitor

Panasonic and Samsung:


Blackmagic Designs:

SmartScope Duo 4K

SmartView 4K


Absen Unilumen Roe PixelFLEX LED

PixelFlex Tour 2.8 (2.8mm)

Absen A7 (7.8mm)

Applied LA12-25 Line Array Towers

* engineered certification and wind action

   plan for use with outdoor LED displays


Draper Dalite AV Stumpfl Projection Screen

Key Manufacturing Partners


The flypack worked extremely well and was a great help in executing our show "Live at the Stadium".

From a TD standpoint, the video equipment and the engineering support was top notch. Not only was everything set up by the time I arrived on site but the majority of my effects were already built allowing me to focus on other matters during our prep day. I really can't say enough about the support.

Both Dave and Casey did everything they could to provide me, and the rest of the crew, with anything and everything needed to execute a successful show. Excellent production company!

Justin McClimans

Technical Director, Mountain West Sports Network

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