Our Team of Event Professionals ...

Executive Team

Dave Jensen

Dave Jensen, President

Dogs, Cats, Fish, Birds or Other?

We've always been a two dog family but living outside the city allows us to also have six ducks. If anyone knows where to get miniature Angus ... we're interested!

Workout or Pig-Out?

I like to cook and love to eat ... pig-out for sure!

Mark Payne, Vice President

Outside of work, what's your favorite pastime?

Camping and Enduro Riding

How'd you get started in the Event Industry?

When I was 14, I thought the audio mixer at our church looked super cool.

Eric Satre, General Manager

Field Support Team

Chris Bryant, Event Technician

James Rosa, Event Technician

Dogs, Cats, Fish, Birds or Other?

I've always loved aquariums and fish. My most recent project was a large built-in tank with all the bells-and-whistles.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?


Always Looking for More!

Facility Support Team

Josh Mouton, Resource Coordinator

Steve Osusky, Warehouse Technician

Who's your hero?

My dad

What's the most interesting technology you've seen lately (at home or at work)?

Space X

Lance Lewis, Warehouse Technician

Outside of work, what's your favorite pastime?

Jousting, Questing and Chivalry

If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go?

Japan, Sweden and Greece

Finance Support Team

Tom Goodman, Office Administrator